Diving in Maldives

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Maldives is a beautiful country made up of 26 atolls. Situated towards the south west of Sri Lanka spread over the Indian Ocean, these islands are surrounded by white sandy beaches and the endless Indian Ocean sparkling with its turquoise blue waters. With many attractions such as cultural and religious sites Maldives has so much to engage the holiday makers who visit the country all year long.

The beauty on the surface of these picturesque islands is only second to the beauty of the reefs that decorate the bottom of its sea beds. With colorful reefs and corals along with various sea plants, these eco systems are best viewed when you dive in to these divine waters.

Most of these islands are surrounded with large lagoons that have huge waves that originate from the ocean. These shallow areas provide perfect conditions for diving and exploring the underwater beauty the islands are blessed with. Even children could safely dive in to these waters enjoying the tropical fishes, exotic plants and the warm waters of course. The resorts located on these fascinating islands provide ample facilities to dive in and take a closer look at the reefs. Snorkeling equipment is provided by these resorts and almost every resort has a diving center. There are several ship wrecks that can be viewed in the Maldivian waters along with thousands of colorful species. Night diving is also very popular.

Generally during January to April, travelers pour in to these shores from all over the world to make use of the favorable weather conditions on these islands. June and May are considered not so safe for diving due to the unstable weather conditions and storms. Stay at a luxury resort in Maldives while you explore these beautiful islands and what lies underneath these sparkling blue waters. Maalifushi Maldives is one of the most preferred island resorts in Maldives that provides the perfect solution to any holiday desires with its freshly decorated ambiance, breathtaking hospitality and mouth watering cuisine.

For a memorable holiday that leaves you wanting more time on these sun kissed shores, head over to Maldives and experience the coastal adventure at its best.

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