Family Holiday in Phuket

Posted on March 2, 2016 By

Amongst leading holiday destinations in the world, Phuket is well known for its beautiful beaches that attract travellers from all corners of the globe who yearn for an ideal mix of the sun, sand, surf and traditional local hospitality. With its palm-fringed coastline, well-appointed luxury resorts, shopping precincts and bars, Phuket serves as a breath of fresh air from busy mundane routines back home.

With a host of accommodation options to choose from that also provide babysitting services, couples can always leave their children to be well taken care of while they enjoy a bit of ‘you and me’ time alone. However for those who are travelling to the area with grownup kids, Phuket has a bit of something that is sure to keep everyone occupied. Regarded as an enormous tourist Mecca, the area is filled with an assortment of shopping centres and nightclubs that add to the charm of Phuket.

Take a tour of the area and be greeted by the warm weather at afternoon or the neon lights and the cool coastal breeze at night. However if you want to sample some aromatic scrumptious cuisine then you take the whole family down Thaweewong Road where you can seat yourself at the Coyote Phuket Mexican Restaurant for a meal of tortilla chips and guacamole. The Chicago Steak House also found nearby serves an array of fried chicken, BBQs and a range of wines and will complement that perfect family outing. Those wanting an extra level of excitement, should venture out to Kalim Beach, found north of Phuket and with its stunning setting will prove to be the best source of refreshment that you could offer the kids. The beach area is ideal for a bit of snorkelling or action-packed surfing which will take you out across the blue waters.

Should you be heading over to Phuket anytime soon, then you would do well to select from a Phuket resort that will offer you a rich indulgence of true tropical paradise. Offering the best Patong beach resort experience, Millennium & Copthorne Hotels will entice not just you but your loved ones as they take advantage of its well-appointed rooms designed with a host of modern day amenities. So the next time you contemplate going on a well deserved holiday, think no further than Phuket.

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