How to Happily Survive a Terribly Long Flight

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The misery of painfully cramped legs and sored necks, being sleep deprived and some continuous anxiety attacks; this is what defines long haul flights for many. Plane journeys have become much more comfortable than what it was like in the past. But that doesn’t change how awful it can be to become stuck in a plane seat, high up in the skies and struggling to kill time. This can become even more challenging in the economy class where there are limited facilities and hardly any luxuries.

Since this is one of the essential experiences that you would have to go through inevitably, here are some of the sure shot ways to avoid the misery of a terribly long flight.

1. Keep the Entertainment Strong

Despite all the facilities onboard, you have to prepare yourself to face the worst. This is one of the most important things to remember if you’re planning to take a long haul flight. Because your sleep will often be restless, keeping yourself entertained along the journey is the best way to kill time no matter how long the flight maybe. It should be great to carry plenty of devices, the ones you can easily take care of. Charging them before your departure is extremely important. You would know best of what entertains you well. Downloading movies and shows can help you a great deal because they’ll occupy a lot of your travel time. If you’re an avid reader, it would be great to stock books well; e-readers can do an equally good job!

2. Sleep

You must sleep because no matter what you do along the way, nothing replaces the benefits of sleeping. No one would want to land at their destination, wretched and restless. To increase your chances of getting good sleep inflight, it is important to avoid alcohol whenever you can. If you must sip on something, opt for water or Chamomile tea. Investing in a neck pillow and eye mask would also make things better for you. Relaxing your mind and meditating would also help to relax your nerves and get a few hours of rest inflight.

3. Stay Casual

Because there are a lot of standard steps that you would have to take while traveling, it can often become very robotic. To make your traveling experience less stiff, it is important to stay casual. You can do this by dressing well. Although you must sensibly pick up your travel attire, making them too formal is going to be extremely uncomfortable. A super comfortable outfit is necessary if you wish to enjoy your long haul flight. Carrying a pair of comfortable socks and a little blanket with you in the plane can make you cozy, especially during the night flights.

Long haul flights are never easy. The most important way to survive them is to maintain a positive attitude and prepare your mind well. Staying healthy and maintaining good eating habits before and during the flight can also help you a great deal! These tips for a long haul flight can help you have an enjoyable journey.

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