Road Trips Destined to Take Your Breath Away

Posted on January 10, 2016 By

The world is full of wonders, some explored too often and others often becoming under recognized. Traveling to certain places on this planet can become extremely challenging, and it is certainly not recommended for the faint hearted. Despite that, there are some spectacular attractions in the world that can only be explored if you take a road trip to one of these places. Yes, it can become extremely tiring and challenging because of the need to be on the go at all times. However, what you’ll be rewarded with along the way is sure to leave you spell bound! Here are some of the best road trips the world has to offer.

1. Garden Route, South Africa

South Africa has a million jewels for the tourists to explore. The country offers the chance of one of the best road trips. The popular Garden Route is one of the scenic trips that you must take at least once in your lifetime. The route stretches for approximately 200 km and lasts for about two days. It may get extended depending on your personal preferences. Since you travel along the South African coast, the diverse landscape is the first striking element that you’d spot. From rugged mountains to the delightful ocean view, the vision is a treat! You’ll also come across gold courses and forests along the way. The route stretches from Mossel Bay to the Storms River in the Eastern Cape. During the journey, the Plettenberg Bay is worth a stop because of the stunning whale-watching experience. The Knysna Elephant Park is also worth exploring!

2. Great Ocean Road, Australia

Australia is the land of adventurers and this can be best experienced if you tour along the Great Ocean Road. The views are truly divine and would distract you completely. It is one of those trips where you need to make multiple stops in the middle to take nature breaks. The journey lasts for about two days and stretches for about 243 km. This road trips spreads from the south-eastern coast of Australia and offers multiple attractions along the way. Arguably, it’s one of the most stunning coastal drives. One of the most magical experiences of this route is to climb the Split Point Lighthouse and view the divine sunset at the Twelve Apostles. Make sure you practice your photography skills beforehand because the scenes are truly breath taking.

3. Icefields Parkway, Canada

This thrilling road is certainly not for the faint hearted and is also known by Highway 93 north. It is one of the most picturesque routes situated in Alberta, Canada. The drive takes to about three days as you cover a distance of 232 km. The journey takes you to explore the jaw dropping Jasper and Banff National Parks. The route is a dreamy one for the adventurers; whether they wish to hike or camp, there’s plenty to do. Lake Louise and Saskatchewan River are the star attractions you must stop by. One of the best experiences of this road trip is hiking to Peyto Lake and admiring the beauty of Athabasca Glacier.

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